International Conference On
English Learning & Teaching Skills

(IC 75)

8th - 12th September, 2020


International Conference On
English Learning & Teaching Skills

Important Dates

9th - 11th February,2023

Conference Dates:

27th December,2022

Abstract Submission Deadline

20th January, 2023

Full Paper Submission

25th January, 2023

Last Date of Registration

Welcome Note

The International Conference on English Learning & Teaching Skills (ICELTS 2023) organized by organized by the Department of Basic Science and Humanities, IEM, Kolkata will be held on 9th – 11th February 2023. This conference aims to provide a platform for Researchers,Scholars, Academicians and Corporate Professionals in order to exchange their views, findings and innovations with each other.Let us witness a confluence of geniuses all around the world to celebrate the excellence of English Language Teaching(ELT) as a discipline.


The academic and business sector all over the world is preoccupied with innumerable ways of understanding English Language and Literature. English Language and Literature have an encapsulated interrelation with linguistics, philosophy, anthropology, pragmatics, discourse analysis and so on. In addition, the socio-cultural transformation is one of the foremost effects of it. The ICELTS  conference, held annually, is designed to bring together scholars, researchers and students, and provide them with a platform to share their research results and ideas on the evolving significance of English language in today’s world. 


Prizes for Top 5 papers

Certificate of Presentation

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Certificate of Appreciation (Session Chairs)

Certificate of Recognition for the Top 10 Outstanding Papers

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